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We sat down with the hilarious Anna Faris to talk married life, beauty, and sun smarts. The funny lady is currently working with Jergens to encourage readers to show where they glow (safely!) thanks to the brand’s gradual color lotion infused with SPF 20. Starting now, you can share your glow-tastic images on the site and two dollars will be donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Real Beauty: What’s been your relationship with SPF and sunbathing?

Anna Faris: It’s been terrible! It was a really bad relationship for years. I grew up in Seattle, and you know, it’s sunny there two days out of the entire year. When I moved to L.A., I worshipped the sun and would lay out all the time and go to tanning beds. During the filming of The House Bunny, I had a makeup artist tell me that my skin was starting to show some early signs of sun damage. When she actually pointed it out to me under a light I could see how it was starting to get blotchy. I immediately started to use a self-tanner, but I was horrible with it because I never remembered to exfoliate properly beforehand. A girlfriend of mine told me about Jergens Natural Glow about four years ago, and it was so serendipitous that they approached me. I already loved the product, and since I forget SPF too often, this really eliminates a step for me.

RB: Do you try to avoid the sun now?

AF: I try to, but it’s hard.

RB: You’re married to the adorable Chris Pratt. Do you two share any beauty products?

AF: He loves this lotion because he’s really pale—he grew up in Seattle, too. I’ll actually apply it for him. Other than that, we’re pretty lazy. It’s funny because we’re both in this crazy industry where people pay attention to how you look, and I always feel like we’re the schlubs of the red carpet.

RB: You’re one of Hollywood’s brightest blondes! Is the color something that’s part of your self-identity?

AF: I love being blonde! I’ve done both though, and I’ve found that the stereotypes are true. People keep their expectations low in terms of intelligence when you’re blonde. They’re friendly and assume that I’m a bubblier person, which I am. When I had dark hair, people took me much more seriously. I would end up auditioning for more intelligent roles. It’s very interesting to think about how hair color affects things like that.

RB: Was it super weird to see yourself with dark hair? You really surprised everyone with a dark, cropped ‘do a while back.

AF: It was strange, but awesome. I loved it. It’s great to be able to feel like a different person, and that haircut felt really liberating and strong. It was like, “This is cool. This girl’s cool.”

RB: What was the longest time you’ve ever spent in hair and makeup?

AF: For The House Bunny it was two hours every morning since my hair was so big, and they had to put a piece on. My makeup was big, too, and I would get sewn into my costumes which were so tiny! So that was like a 4 a.m. start. Anytime you have to do any sort of prosthetic makeup, you get a little restless.

RB: Did you read a lot while you were sitting there?

AF: I’m a news junkie and would just go through the papers. The end result is worth it—t’s fun to fully feel like the character.

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